Who Are Dad’s Fastest Swimmers?

Dad’s Fastest Swimmers is a collective of amateur swimmers and somehow even more amateur musicians. The band formed after a day at the local pool in the scorching Queensland heat (because, free band aids) where the friends challenged a kids swim club to a race. Despite the fact that lead singer Lucky can’t swim and has a debilitating fear of water and children, the group still beat out the club of eight year olds.

Six months later following a series of noise complaints and threats of eviction from their rehearsal space in Lucky’s urban oasis apartment known as “701”, Dad’s Fastest Swimmers are ready to present their music to the masses.

What’s it like to see Dad’s Fastest Swimmers live?

DFS take fan feedback very seriously. Here is just some of the feedback we’ve collected from napkins after our shows.

“If I had to use two words to describe it I would say ‘life changing’. If I had to use 3 words to describe it I would say ‘very life changing’.”

“I’ve seen a lot of Brisbane Bands and I’d have to say I can’t think of any that own quite as many pool noodles as Dad’s Fastest Swimmers.”

“It’s like the stage is a clown car and they’re seeing how many clowns they can fit in there but it’s not funny, it’s much more than that. It’s beautiful.”

“After seeing all of Dad’s Fastest Swimmers on stage, I would no longer consider Beijing to be crowded”

“Bob Dylan doesn’t hold a candle to Dad’s Fastest Swimmers. Because arson is illegal and Bob Dylan is a law abiding citizen.”

“I actually went to school with Lucky and I have to say he’s not as tough as he looks. I eat swimmers like him for breakfast.”

If I was to write a list of famous swimmers with drinking problems, Dads Fastest Swimmers would be right up there with Ian Thorpe & Bear Grylls. Okay so Bear Grylls isn’t famous for his swimming but he does hit the piss pretty hard.”

“Imagine ET with a tandem bicycle… but even more iconic.”

“No one, including any of the fans, the music critics or the band members themselves can tell if this Brisbane Band is a joke. Some say that’s part of the charm, others say that’s all of it.”

Dad's Fastest Swimmers Brisbane Band
Dad's Fastest Swimmers - Brisbane Band With Chair Wet In Pool

How Do I Stay Up To Date With Gigs, Quotes & General Swimming Tips?

While Dad’s Fastest Swimmers are strictly against stalking in the real world we do encourage all our fans to take on a voyeuristic, obsessive consumption of all our high quality content online.

Also check out this photo of Lucky on a chair. He has no clue he’s about to get dumped (not the first time). What an idiot… Anyway make sure you never miss a gig, quote, or iconic moment by following Dad’s Fastest Swimmers on Facebook & Instagram.

Dad's Fastest Swimmers - Brisbane Swimming Pool

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